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Note! Unreleased development branch. Track progress & issues here. Checkout v0.14 for something stable.

*µWS ("[micro](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Micro-)WS") is simple and efficient*[[1]](benchmarks) *messaging for the modern web.* • [Fancy pants details, user manual and FAQ](misc/READMORE.md)

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    /* There are tons of SSL options */
    .cert_file_name = "cert.pem",
    .key_file_name = "key.pem"

}).onGet("/", [](auto *res, auto *req) {

    /* Respond with the web app on default route */
    res->writeStatus("200 OK")
       ->writeHeader("Content-Type", "text/html; charset=utf-8")

}).onWebSocket<UserData>("/ws/chat", [&](auto *ws, auto *req) {

    /* Subscribe to topic /chat */

}).onMessage([&](auto *ws, auto message, auto opCode) {

    /* Parse incoming message according to some protocol & publish it */
    if (seemsReasonable(message)) {
        ws->publish("chat", message);
    } else {

}).onClose([&](auto *ws, int code, auto message) {

    /* Remove websocket from this topic */

}).listen("localhost", 3000, 0).run();

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