Popular Libraries



Delphi source code by Execute SARL http://www.execute.fr


  • AciiShape

Draw vectorial shapes out of ASCII template

  • CollectionTest

use a collection in a SubProperty

  • ComboEdit

use a hidden ComboBox as a Edit suggestion list

~~OpenGL cross platform demo (Windows, MacOSX, Android, Linux)~~

  • DateUtis

attempt to deal with Date and Time

  • DelphiTDS

Display informations from a TDS file

  • Demo1

GraphicPanels demo

  • DesktopDuplicationAPI

Desktop Duplication API for Delphi Tokyo

  • Google Cardboard

Demonstration of a Cardboard like application under Delphi Berlin

  • GraphicPanels

a TGraphiControl that can be Parent of himself

  • Execute.XML.Tree

a tiny Unit to parse an XML file

  • TinyPNG

a tiny Unit to load PNG files

~~use Tuples under Delphi :)~~