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|Project|Comment| |-------|-------| |AdaptivePopover|Adapting a popover presentation (iOS 9, Swift) |AirPrinter|Example of how to print from iOS |AlertView|Demo iOS 5 changes to UIAlertView |AlertController|UIAlertController changes in iOS 8 |AllVisible|A split view controller template |AnimatedConstraints|Animating Autolayout changes |AutoLayout|AutoLayout examples |Collection|Simple collection view with popovers |Designable|IBDESIGNABLE/IB_Inspectable custom views |Encode|Percent encoding of URL query string |DynamicText|Supporting dynamic text size changes |Huckleberry|Auto layout table view cells with varying row heights |KeyCommand|Adding hardware keyboard shortcuts |MasterSlide|Implementing a mail app style split view controller |Motion|Adding motion effects to views |NibCollection|Example use of IBOutletCollection |QReader|Capturing and decoding QR Codes |Refresh|Using a UIRefreshControl in a table view controller |RemindMe|Scheduling local notifications with UILocaNotification |Restorer|State Preservation and Restoration |SelfSize|iOS 8 Self Sizing Table View Cells (Huckleberry updated) |SpeakEasy|Text to speech synthesis |Stacks|Using UIStackView |StaticTable|Using a storyboard to implement static table views |Stepper|Example use of UIStepper control |Styles|Using UIAppearance proxy to style UIKit controls |SyncMe|Example use of iCloud Key-value Storage |TaskTimer|Example of UIAccessibility Support |TCNibLoad|Example use of UINib class |TwitterSearch|Example of using NSURLConnection to query Twitter API |WorldFacts|Both iOS 8 and OS X Core Data example