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Project Status: 🚨 Unmaintained 🚨

This project is archived and no longer maintained. At the time of archiving, open issues and pull requests were closed and tagged with 2018-05-archive. For pre-existing users who need an open source alternative, we recommend taking a look at airlift/drift.


Swift is an easy-to-use, annotation-based Java library for creating Thrift serializable types and services.

Swift Codec

Swift Codec is a simple library specifying how Java objects are converted to and from Thrift. This library is similar to JaxB (XML) and Jackson (JSON), but for Thrift. Swift codec supports field, method, constructor, and builder injection. For example:

public class LogEntry
    private final String category;
    private final String message;

    public LogEntry(String category, String message)
        this.category = category;
        this.message = message;

    public String getCategory()
        return category;

    public String getMessage()
        return message;

Swift Service

Swift Service is a simple library annotating services to be exported with Thrift. For example:

public class InMemoryScribe
    private final List<LogEntry> messages = new ArrayList<>();

    public List<LogEntry> getMessages()
        return messages;

    public ResultCode log(List<LogEntry> messages)
        return ResultCode.OK;

Swift Generator

Swift Generator is a library that creates Java code usable with the Swift codec from Thrift IDL files and vice versa.

Swift Generator CLI and Swift2Thrift Generator CLI are command-line front-ends to this generator.

Swift Maven plugin

Swift Maven plugin allows using the code generator from a maven build and generate source code on the fly.