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Generates Delphi Classes based on JSON string. Just like XML Data Binding, but for JSON.

Main features:

  • Build entirely on the RTL (no external dependencies) so it's cross-platform;

  • Accepts any valid JSON string, no matter how complex the object is;

  • Visualizes the structure of the JSON objects in a treeview;

  • Generates complete delphi unit (declaration and implementation), based on the JSON string input;

  • Automatically prefixes reserved Delphi words with "&" (ampersand);

  • * Blocks unit generation if the JSON string contains empty Array;

  • Adds support code to automatically destroy complex sub types. So you don't have to manage subobject's lifetime manually;

  • ** Uses TArray to represent lists;

  • Adds helper serialization/deserialization functions;

  • Serialization and deserialization results in the same JSON structure!

  • Automatically detects date/datetime parts and maps them to TDate/TDateTime (as long as dates are ISO8601 compliant);

  • Maps all numbers to Double;

  • Maps true/false values to Boolean;

  • Allows you to change property names (keys);

  • Allows you to change the names of the stub classes;

  • Supports JSON pretty print to format the input string;

  • Simple and responsive GUI;

  • *** Automatic check for update, based on ITask (Parallel Programming Library)!

  • It's open source! You can find the source code and binary releases on GitHub.

  • The program uses MadExcept to report unhanded exceptions;

  • If the JSON array is empty the contained type is unknown. Unit generation works only with known and supported types.

** This is because serialization of TList adds "noise" i.e. includes internal properties that did not exist in the original JSON string.

*** The releases of JsonToDelphiClass (source and binaries) are public and reside on GitHub. The update unit uses GitHub's REST API to enumerate tags/releases.

Report any problems/suggestions using GitHub's facilities.

You can find more information here: http://www.pgeorgiev.com/?p=1832