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  • OpenCV version - 2.4.13
  • Development environment - Delphi 2010-10.2.3


Laentir Valetov (email: laex@bk.ru)
Mikhail Grigorev (email: sleuthhound@gmail.com)


  • Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015
    Files: msvcp140.dll, msvcp140d.dll in "Delphi-OpenCV\redist\" or here
    or from the repository:
(1) 32-bit in the "Delphi-OpenCV\redist\VC14\x86\"
(2) 64-bit in the "Delphi-OpenCV\redist\VC14\x64\"
  • Shared library FFMPEG 3.4.2 for Windows can be downloaded from here
(3) FFmpeg 32-bit Shared
(4) FFmpeg 64-bit Shared
  • Dynamic library OpenCV need to download here
    Files: *2413.dll and *2413d.dll
After installing OpenCV:
(5) 32-bit in the C:\OpenCV\build\x86\vc14\bin\*.dll
(6) 64-bit in the C:\OpenCV\build\x64\vc14\bin\*.dll
(7) 32-bit - SDL.dll and SDL2.dll
(8) 64-bit - SDL.dll and SDL2.dll

Copy files

OS Windows 64-bit

Target platform 64-bit: (2),(4),(6),(8) -> "C:\Windows\System32\"
Target platform 32-bit: (1),(3),(5),(7) -> "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\"

OS Windows 32-bit

Target platform 32-bit: (1),(3),(5),(7) -> "C:\Windows\System32\"

How to install:

Download the archive.
Unzip it to a convenient directory, thus get the following directory structure

<PROJECT_ROOT> - Directory, for example, "C:\Delphi\OpenCV\"

Download the FFmpeg Delphi/Pascal Headers and extract to \source\ffmpeg
Add the search path for the modules of the project in Delphi IDE (Tools-Options-Delphi Options-Library-Library path)


where <PROJECT_ROOT> directory, which was unzipped project.

To install the components, open and install


Verify that the environment is configured correctly

Run from the repository


The program checks the availability of dynamic libraries

------- Verifying Microsoft DLL -------
------- OpenCV DLL -------
------- Delphi-OpenCV classes DLL -------
------- FFMPEG DLL -------
------- SDL DLL -------

To successfully install components and run most of the examples, the availability of FFMPEG DLL, Microsoft DLL and OpenCV DLL is sufficient


Open in Delphi IDE and compile:
Examples of the use of certain functions and procedures


Examples of the use of video processing algorithms


Examples of the use of video processing algorithms using VCL.Forms


Examples of using FFMPEG library header files are in the


Examples of use of components


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